Pressure Cleaning Facts

How It Works

If you’ve ever held your finger over the end of a hose, you understand the principle behind power washing. By forcing water through a narrow opening, the high-pressure stream can strip away dirt, oils, mold and grime. Unlike a garden hose, a power washer’s stream is precise and controlled. Allowing you to clean in detail.

Home vs. Professional Equipment

You may have seen pressure washers on sale at you local hardware store, but there’s a difference between these units and professional-grade equipment. Home power washers are designed for smaller jobs and can’t run as long as professional ones. They also tend to wear out faster. Our team at Central Coast Pressure Cleaning are equipped and experienced for any job, so let the professionals handle the work for you.

Colour-Coded Nozzles

Different jobs call for different pressure washer settings, and the nozzle tips are colour coded to help you easily find the one you need. A white nozzle is the widest stream at 40 degrees; then comes green at 25, yellow at 15, and red at zero degrees for the narrowest, most concentrated application. A black nozzle is for dispensing soap and has the lowest pressure output.

Impact on Business

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to make a good impression on potential clients. Regular power washing helps keep your business, school or home exterior clean and attractive, giving you a professional and clean look.

Extend Paint Life

The benefits of power washing extend beyond clean walls. Mildew, rot, and accumulated dirt can speed the deterioration of your exterior paint. By removing them, you can extend your paint’s life—sometimes by several years.

If your home or business is overdue for a cleaning, don’t put it off. Give us a call today for building and concrete cleaning so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a fresh, tidy exterior.

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